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2 dead in Texas multiple-car accident

On July 12, an accident during the evening hours on Interstate 24 in Manchester claimed the lives of two individuals. Two other individuals who were involved were injured, as reported.

According to authorities, the three-car accident occurred around 6:15 p.m. when a 35-year-old Tullahoma man was traveling in the opposite lane of the highway in a Nissan sedan. He ran head-on into the path of an eastbound vehicle, killing a 63-year-old female passenger and injuring another passenger and the driver. In the crash, the 35-year-old man also died after he was thrown from his car. Debris from the collision damaged a third vehicle involved in the accident; however, the driver was reportedly uninjured.

Tennessee workers weigh the costs of dangerous jobs

Even though many employers might not face citations for OSHA violation, there are many jobs that carry a heightened risk of serious injury or death for employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,500 to 6,500 fatal accidents occur at work every year. In a recent article, using statistics collected by the BLS indicate that, one writer suggests that workers employed in hazardous jobs seldom make a considerably higher pay rate than many other workers.

Both pilots and flight engineers make up a relatively smaller occupational group, yet the fatality rate in this job group is higher due to crashes and other causes. However, their pay rate is higher than average. Construction workers also face a higher risk of injury, but the median salary for a construction laborer is just a little over $35,000 every year. Truck drivers also have to face a lot of hazards on the road but receive a wage averaging between $27,530 and $40,940 annually.

Tennessee crash injures 6, kills 3

According to local authorities, a crash in the afternoon hours of June 27 in Hickman County injured six people and killed three. Some of those injured the multi-vehicle accident were children.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that the auto accident happened when the driver of a Toyota Tacoma was allegedly passed by a semi-truck that was without a trailer. When the driver of the Tacoma tried to change lanes, the left rear of the truck hit the tractor-trailer, causing it to spin and cross the median.

Hit-and-run kills well-known Kingsport businessman

A 61-year-old Kingsport businessman was killed in a hit-and-run on June 23 in Colonial Heights, according to a recent report. The man, a former Tennessee state representative, was struck by a GMC at 8 p.m. while he was placing a campaign sign on the shoulder of the Fort Henry Drive bridge.

Prior to the fatal accident, the driver who allegedly caused the crash was involved in a minor incident at a package store. According to the report, as the man was leaving the store, he drove his vehicle onto the curb, striking a pedestal ashtray and a wall before leaving the parking lot.

Tennessee head-on collision kills 1, seriously injures another

Authorities report that a head-on collision in Kingsport during the evening hours of June 13 left one individual dead and another seriously injured. A rescue crew transported the seriously injured individual by ambulance to Holston Valley Medical Center for emergency medical treatment.

According to a representative from the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, the accident occurred when a motorcycle and a car hit head-on at the intersection of Reservoir Road and Long Hollow Road. In an effort to determine exactly how the accident occurred, it is under investigation by the Sullivan County Fatal Incident Reconstruction and Support Team.

Radiator leak leads police to hit-and-run vehicle after crash

Officials reported that a Tennessee woman is dead after a crash in Nashville around 11 p.m. June 2. The pedestrian was hit by a pickup truck that failed to stop at the scene after the fatal accident, which happened when the 51-year-old woman tried to cross Clarksville Pike in the Bordeaux neighborhood in Nashville near the road's intersection with Buena Vista Pike.

According to reports, the nearest crosswalk was around 200 feet away from the collision site. Reports indicate the impact killed the woman, who reportedly lived close by on Hydes Ferry Road, instantly.

2 killed, 2 injured in 6-vehicle crash

A six-vehicle accident on a Tennessee interstate has claimed the lives of two people. The chain-reaction vehicle collision on May 2 also sent two others to the hospital and caused a substantial traffic jam that backed up the road for miles.

The wreck happened outside Knoxville on Interstate 40 East, in the area where I-75 and I-81 join the road. Police say a tractor-trailer ran into the rear of a car, and the force of the impact sent that car into an SUV. This truck accident apparently led to a second multi-vehicle collision where another truck ran into a Dodge Charger, knocking it into a side wall. The Dodge then sideswiped another tractor-trailer.

GM recalls Chevrolet Aveo models

Tennessee motorists who drive Chevrolet Aveos may want to pay attention to details released in the latest General Motors recall. The subcompact cars included are those from model years 2004 through 2008. According to information by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicles pose a risk of catching fire.

A daytime running light component in the dashboard may overheat, leading to potential melting and fire. According to reports, the manufacturer is aware of fires that have been caused by this issue, but the number of recorded incidents has not been disclosed. A company spokesman indicates that there are no known deaths or injuries from the issue.

Injured driver in Tennessee accident dies

A 22-year-old man died on May 12 from injuries that he suffered in a recent head-on collision, according to authorities. The incident occurred on May 6 at approximately 8:50 p.m. in Mt. Juliet near the Little League fields. The man reportedly lost control of his Chevrolet pickup as he drove eastbound on the road. He struck a westbound Ford Explorer head-on, and the Ford was then rear-ended by a Mazda M3.

The 22-year-old was transported by helicopter to an area medical center while a 49-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, the driver and passenger of the Explorer, were transported by ambulance. Both the man and woman were reported to be in critical condition.

Fatal car accident results in 3 injured, 1 woman dead

A Tennessee woman is dead after a car crash involving multiple vehicles. According to reports, the driver potentially at fault is also facing charges from a separate incident.

A 27-year-old man was driving north on Highway 411 in Blount County at around 11 a.m. on May 12. Police say that the man was speeding when he began to pass other vehicles in his Nissan Altima. At one point, the man swerved into the oncoming lane after losing control of the car. He collided with an approaching vehicle driven by a 19-year-old woman. The Nissan then spun into a Toyota Camry driven by a 72-year-old Tellico Plains woman. The Nissan driver was thrown from his vehicle by the force of the collision.

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