Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being injured in a car accident can leave you struggling to get your life back on track. The damage inflicted from a motor vehicle crash could include serious personal injury, including whiplash, nerve damage, burns, paralysis or brain injuries. It is important to seek experienced legal advice, so that you can pursue compensation to offset your injuries.

At the Stapleton Law Office, we represent clients in upper east Tennessee and the Lakeway areas who have been involved in car accidents that have led to serious personal injuries. These accidents may result from defective road designs, including poor road surfaces and inadequate security railings or other crash prevention systems. We also represent victims of accidents resulting from defective automobile and truck designs.

Why Should You Work With An Attorney?

In minor car accidents with no injury, a lawyer may not be necessary and the situation can be resolved between your insurance company and the insurance company of the other driver or people involved in the accidents. Sometimes, however, you need an attorney to obtain the compensation that you need to pay for medical bills and property damage resulting from the accident.
If you are ever in a car accident and sustain any serious injuries, it is always in your best interest to at least consult with an attorney and learn about what resources you may have. At the Stapleton Law Office, we offer a free initial consultation and will be honest about your case, giving you nothing to lose by contacting a lawyer.
Our firm represents the victims of car accidents, in addition to motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and any other serious accidents involving a motor vehicle. Insurance companies may try to settle with you quickly in order to get you to settle for a smaller amount, or they may try to get out of compensating you altogether.
If you are involved in a serious car accident that results in a personal injury, call an experienced attorney before you talk with your insurance company. You may not recognize that your accident was a result of someone else's negligence or poor road design and may not be aware that you have a legal course of action. Contact a lawyer at the Stapleton Law Office to get the compensation you deserve.
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