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February 2013 Archives

Teen driver deaths rise as licensing programs falter

It's no secret or great revelation that teenage drivers are often the most dangerous, and most endangered, motorists on the road. Their combination of inexperience and frequent distraction at the hands of technology or other passengers frequently turns an otherwise manageable driving situation into a serious, potentially fatal, accident.

New airbags aimed at protecting pedestrians--but not American ones

Leaps forward in automobile technology and road safety laws have helped to make the driving experience less dangerous for almost every motorist in America. Accidents will forever remain a reality of the road, there's no disputing that fact. However, steps forward like airbags, collision alert technology, and better manufacturing materials have drastically lowered the number of serious injuries and deaths drivers suffer each year.

Driver in fatal collision may have been intoxicated

Any number of factors can attribute to a simple drive with friends turning into a tragic accident. From texting behind the wheel to intoxication to sheer recklessness, there are multiple choices-all of them dangerous-that a motorist can make that greatly increase the risk of injury or death for both their own passengers and others on Tennessee's roads.

Oilers at risk: study finds high accident rates for gas industry

Long hours, bad roads, and hectic schedules. The work life of an oil and gas employee has never been conducive to relaxing stability; that much is certain. However, a new study has revealed that the strain of working for a well-service, refinery, rigging, or oil transportation company has a stark and sobering impact on one's safety while behind the wheel.

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