Four die after a tractor-trailer hits a cow on I-40 in Tennessee

| Jul 30, 2013 | Firm News, Wrongful Death

Tragedy struck on I-40 in Henderson County, Tennessee, taking the lives of 4 people and leaving another individual in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Jackson-Madison County Hospital. The heavily traveled highway is no stranger to auto accidents, but this particular incident illustrates how fast accidents can take the life of a loved one.

On July 24, 2013, a tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound on I-40. It was reported that a cow was standing on the highway; the tractor-trailer struck the cow and swerved across the median into oncoming traffic in the westbound I-40 lanes. Two vehicles on the westbound highway were struck. One of the vehicles contained two gentlemen that were killed instantly. The other vehicle contained 3 people, two of which died instantly and one injured and transferred to the ICU. The status of the tractor-trailer driver was not reported.

Although no charges were filed in the accident, it may be difficult for the family members and friends of the deceased to accept the consequences of losing their loved one. Moreover, it may be difficult for a victim’s family to evaluate the fatal accident objectively. An accurate assessment of the situation may be needed to determine if any irresponsible actions aided in the accident.

A personal injury attorney familiar with specific trucking laws and regulations may be needed to understand whether a wrongful death claim is appropriate. Even though fatal accidents are not always the result of negligent behavior, having the accident scenario evaluated by an experienced attorney is a wise decision to ensure responsible parties are held accountable and that they provide proper compensation for the grieving family.

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