Stolen police car crashes into SUV in Fayetteville

| Sep 16, 2013 | Firm News, Wrongful Death

A woman in East Tennessee stole a police cruiser on Aug. 31 and caused a collision that killed one person and injured five others, according to police. Reports say that the woman, 49 years old, pulled onto Maple Street and collided with the side of a passing SUV. The crash left one passenger dead with at least two others in critical condition. One of those injured was a teenager.

After colliding with the SUV, the woman crashed into a gas pump at a nearby gas station. She was injured in the crash, but it is unclear as to the extent of these injuries. Witnesses are reported as saying they saw her crash straight into the gas pump. The front of the police car was badly damaged.

The sergeant that is involved in the arrest stated that the woman was in process of being arrested for public intoxication when the police car was stolen. Intoxication seems to have contributed to her behavior during the night’s incidents. The report states that the man who died during the accident was not wearing his seatbelt; however, officers stated that it would not have changed anything if he had.

Wrongful death is a serious and unfortunate incident that can be incredibly saddening to friends and family members. In this case, as the death allegedly occurred during the commission of another crime, the driver of the police car may be liable for the death that occurred as well as the injuries to the other passengers and the property damage to the gas station. A personal injury lawyer may help a family seek compensation if they have been injured by someone committing a crime.

Source: WBIR, “One dead, five injured in middle Tenn. crash involving stolen police cruiser”, September 01, 2013

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