East Tennessee Conair users: Heed recall of dangerous products

| Oct 18, 2013 | Firm News, Products Liability

East Tennessee beauty product users should take note: A danger of shorting out and causing fire or burns prompted hair dryer manufacturer Conair to recall some 570,000 Infiniti Pro by Conair units. The potentially dangerous products were reported by 19 users of the product, who suffered minor burns and, in one case, had a fire sparked by the malfunctioning device.

The models of Infiniti Pro recalled were from the company’s 259 and 279 series. Consumers could tell if their hair dryers needed to be sent back by looking for one screw hole on the back of the device’s handle. Those machines with two screw holes were not considered hazardous and were not included in the recall.

The company reported that the malfunction could occur when the heater coils inside the barrel of the device came into contact with neighboring coils and created an electrical short. Such a short circuit could eject the small, hot coils out of the hair dryer and cause burns or possibly start a fire. The dryers affected by the recall were sold between August 2010 and August 2013 at drug stores, department stores and other retailers. The Infiniti Pro was also sold online during that period.

Defective products can be dangerous products, and sometimes a product recall may be insufficient to protect users. Individuals in East Tennessee who have been hurt because of an automobile design defect or defective auto part may find valuable the services of an attorney experienced in seeking compensation after a consumer injury. A lawyer might be able to assist families after an illness, injury or consumer death resulting from insufficient warning regarding dangerous children’s toys or other potentially dangerous product.

Source: CT Post, “Conair recalls 570K Infiniti Pro hair dryers”, October 15, 2013

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