Toyota issues recall due to software problems

| Feb 21, 2014 | Firm News, Products Liability

Tennessee drivers may be interested in a recall recently issued by Toyota. The action is in response to the discovery of defective software that may cause Prius vehicles to come to a sudden stop, posing a potential safety hazard to drivers, occupants, and other vehicles on the road. Another problem, which is also included in the recall, concerns certain systems installed in RAV 4, Tacoma and Lexus RX models.

Prius models from 2010 to 2014 make up the bulk of the recall, with over 1.9 million of the vehicles being recalled. The majority of those vehicles are in North America and Japan, with a smaller number in Europe. The recall hopes to call the vehicles into dealerships so that technicians repair the issue. Without a change to the software, electronic circuits could cause excess thermal stress in some transistors installed in the vehicles, which might result in power loss.

The other vehicles affected in the recall include model years 2012 to 2013. Without an update to the affected vehicles’ software, they may suffer from problems regarding vehicle stability control, traction control and anti-lock breaking. The car manufacturer has suggested, however, that even if the issues manifest, the braking system of the vehicles will continue to function.

Traffic accidents frequently result in serious injury or death. Victims may be left with physical problems, medical bills and lost wages. If the accident is caused by a defective products, the manufacturer could be held liable for the damages. Anyone suffering injuries in an automobile crash as the result of an automaker’s negligence might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit, seeking compensation.

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