Brother of Salma Hayek hospitalized after car crash

| Mar 2, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Tennessee fans actress Salma Hayek may already be aware that her brother was recently involved in a fatal crash in Los Angeles. Her 40-year-old brother, a furniture designer, is said to have crashed into a Toyota pickup truck on Sunset Boulevard after having unexpectedly veered into the opposing travel lane. Hayek’s passenger, a 43-year old male whose identity has been withheld, died of blunt force trauma suffered during the motor vehicle accident.

The 20-year-old driver of the pickup truck complained of back pain in the aftermath of the crash and was admitted to the hospital with a broken foot. Hayek was taken to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center with a head laceration and several broken ribs. Authorities say that their investigation is ongoing, and it is not yet known why Hayek lost control of his 2006 Ford GT.

A back injury suffered during a car collision, such as the one that the 20-year-old Toyota driver may have suffered, can cause a great deal of pain and suffering and sometimes even permanently affect a person’s quality of life. In some cases, accident victims with back injuries previously enjoyed labor-intensive fields of employment that they are no longer able to continue. A person caught in such a situation may seek financial restitution from a driver who acted negligently.

Furthermore, families of deceased crash victims may pursue legal action on their loved one’s behalf. When someone dies in an accident, their family may be financially incapable of maintaining itself in that person’s absence and endure prolonged hardship as a result. For this reason, those directly impacted by the decedent’s crash may be entitled to compensation that might help cover the loss of that person’s future wages.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Salma Hayek’s Brother Sami Hospitalized After Fatal Car Crash “, February 24, 2014

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