Whiplash and car accidents

| Jan 6, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

One possible consequence of a car accident in Tennessee is suffering whiplash, which is a violent motion that involves the head being jerked in one direction and then another. Although several things might produce whiplash effects, motor vehicle accidents are among the most common causes.

The most common type of injury in whiplash is a combination of a sprain and a strain. Torn ligaments, along with strained muscles and tendons, hurt the neck. Nerves often become inflamed as a result of the accident and disc herniation or fractures may also occur. Although it is impossible to prevent whiplash from happening, properly adjusted headrests and use of seat belts may minimize the injury.

Many people are unaware of the fact that whiplash symptoms may take hours or even days to surface after a car accident. One of the first things that people with whiplash may notice is severe pain when turning their heads. Headaches are fairly common, as well as pain extending into the shoulders, arms, and upper chest and back. Dizziness, nausea, swallowing difficulties and blurred vision sometimes happen. Patients recovering from whiplash may take a couple of important steps to a better recovery unless they are severely injured. Staying active is very important to get a good recovery. Chiropractic treatments and physical therapy may also help.

Some injuries from a car accident are severe enough to require missed work time or otherwise disrupt daily life. In some cases of whiplash and other injuries resulting from a car collision, the accident happened because of the actions of a negligent driver. Contacting an attorney about the accident may be the best way to obtain compensation for medical expenses as well as other damages.

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