The violence and benefits of airbags

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Some people in Tennessee might question the safety of airbags as they can injure people when going off at the wrong time or even when deploying during an accident. This safety device seems to have a certain amount of risk inherent but can also save lives, and these devices work the way they do in an aim to be effective during an accident as there is typically less than a second before a driver or passenger makes contact with a steering wheel or front panel during a collision.

The name “airbag” is a misnomer as these cushions fill and deploy with nitrogen gas and act when an explosion is triggered. The force airbags are triggered with is relatively violent, but experts say that this is a necessary, controlled act intended to counteract the violence of an automobile accident.

Airbags are intended to reduce the amount of injury a person suffers during a crash and work in conjunction with seat belts, but air bags are required by federal regulations to also protect those who are not wearing seat belts. A non-belted driver could come into contact with the steering wheel in about 23 milliseconds while airbags inflate in 20 to 30 milliseconds. The science of airbags has come a long way to be able to protect those without seat belts while advanced models can adjust to the size of an individual.

As airbags must protect occupants in the front of a vehicle in milliseconds and work by starting a small explosion, these devices must be precise and accurate. Extensive research and testing is usually required to ensure an airbag offers more benefit than risk to drivers and passengers. If one becomes injured because a company failed to perform the proper tests, a personal injury claim could help pay for expenses related to the injury.

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