Anti-fog coating helps to keep workers safe

| Sep 4, 2015 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Eye protection is an absolute necessity for many Tennessee workers in all fields of endeavor. Unfortunately, the exertion and changing climactic conditions faced while at work, whether on a work site or at a facility, can often cause goggles and other eye shields to fog. Although this may seem like a trivial occurrence, it has been linked to literally thousands of eye injuries every year.

This tends to occur in one of two ways. The first happens when the view is obscured and an injury results because of it. The second happens when the worker removes the goggles to clean and clear them, robbing them of the very protection that the goggles were meant to provide.

However, there is a simple technological solution available. Anti-fog treatments can make goggles resist occlusion and keep the field of view clear at the most challenging of times. The easy availability of this technology implies that responsible business owners in affected industries should procure anti-fog coating for the goggles that are used in any sort of dangerous situation. There is a real possibility that all safety goggles should be coated, without exception.

If an employer was negligent in its responsibility to provide proper safety equipment to its workers and an injury results, then it may be possible under some circumstances for the injured victim to receive a greater amount of economic redress by choosing not to seek workers’ compensation benefits and filing a personal injury lawsuit instead. The advice of a lawyer can be helpful to those who find themselves in this position.

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