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November 2015 Archives

Judge allows punitive damages in GM ignition switch cases

A ruling by a federal bankruptcy judge may benefit those Kentucky motorists who were affected by the faulty ignition switches present in countless General Motors vehicles for more than a decade. The judge's ruling now makes it possible for plaintiffs who file a lawsuit against GM involving the faulty ignition switches to demand the company pay punitive damages related to its alleged misconduct in handling the situation.

An overview of hand-arm vibration syndrome

Tennessee construction workers using vibrating tools such as jackhammers might be familiar with a prolonged sensation of vibration even after the tools are put away. However, hand-arm vibration syndrome is a more serious issue that could occur because of the use of such tools. Unfortunately, the condition can be difficult to identify and may take between six months and six years to manifest.

OSHA begins new health care enforcement initiative

On June 25, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a new health care enforcement initiative to evaluate work-related injuries and illnesses at inpatient health care facilities and nursing homes. This initiative will have a significant impact on health care and nursing facilities in Tennessee and nationwide.

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