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August 2018 Archives

Deaths in boating accidents on the rise in 2018 in Tennessee

Many of our readers in Tennessee probably don't think about boating accidents when it comes to personal injury claims. Car accidents would probably come to mind, as would workplace accidents. However, the fact is that boating accidents are not uncommon in Tennessee.

How do teen drivers learn distracted driving habits?

Many of our readers in Tennessee have probably seen news stories about how teenage drivers on the roads today are presenting more of a danger to other drivers than older drivers do. This is nothing new, as it only makes sense that younger, less experienced drivers would be more prone to causing car accidents. However, today's teenage drivers are likely more distracted than young drivers of years past because of one, simple reason: smartphones.

Top 5 causes of trucking accidents

Trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times as much as a car. For everyday commuters, this comparison is frightening. While truck drivers are not the main culprits of such traumatic accidents, it’s hard not to do damage when making a mistake.

The right approach to proving your personal injury claim

Tennessee residents who have been injured in some type of accident are usually looking for answers. How did the accident happen? Who was at fault? How extensive are my injuries? What is the timetable for my full recovery, if ever? These, and many more questions, are at the forefront for injured victims.

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