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Logging tops list of most dangerous jobs in the country

All workers in Tennessee face some risk, but the chances of being killed on the job are much higher in certain occupations than in others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2014 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, logging is the most dangerous job in the United States. Some of the dangers that often lead to fatal logging accidents include rough terrain and falling branches.

Preventing workplace injuries in Tennessee

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are an estimated 3 million workplace injuries per year. Of those, roughly 1 million are serious enough to cause workers to miss time from their jobs. Many Tennessee employees get hurt through overexertion while on the job. It can lead to back and other muscle strains, and it can be avoided by learning proper lifting techniques and asking for help when necessary.

Numbers show that workplace safety still a large concern

Each year, some Tennessee workers are seriously injured or killed while at work. Workplace safety is a national concern. Despite advances that have been made with safety technology, injuries and deaths continue to happen at workplaces across the country.

No OSHA exemption for employees using drugs, alcohol

Based on a letter posted on the website of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in March, if an employee is injured at work while under the influence of alcohol, a Tennessee employer still must record the incident. OSHA allows an exemption for injuries that are self-inflicted, the result of self-medication or a result of grooming.

Sleep apnea may lead to work injuries

Tennessee workers who have sleep apnea might want to learn about a small study showing a link between having the disorder and an increased risk of suffering workplace accidents and injuries. The study, conducted in Canada with slightly more than 1,200 sleep disorder clinic patients, showed that people who have sleep apnea have double the risk of workplace injuries than those who don't.

Staying safe while operating cranes

While there are no state or federal safety standards as it relates to operating a crane, most operators on major construction projects in Tennessee and around the country receive formal training. Commonly, larger employers will ask that a crane operator has been certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. However, it is possible that smaller operators do not have the same level of training, which could result in unsafe actions.

Preventing occupational skin diseases

Occupational skin disorders are among the most common health issues that workers in Tennessee and around the country will face. An average claim related to occupational skin disorders cost employers an average of $3,500. Average recovery time is 23.9 days, as has been reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Such disorders may occur gradually or suddenly, and they can be painful for those who suffer from them.

Hazardous energy accidents in the workplace

There are many potential sources of hazardous energy at workplaces in Tennessee. Electrical, hydraulic, chemical and mechanical energy sources can all be very dangerous if they are not properly controlled. To prevent injuries caused by hazardous energy, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration advises employers to implement appropriate lockout/tagout procedures.

Overexertion is leading cause of disabling injuries

On Jan. 4, Liberty Mutual released the 2016 Workplace Safety Index, which is based on 2013 injury data from Liberty Mutual, the National Academy of Social Insurance and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Workers in Tennessee may not be surprised that overexertion involving external sources was the leading cause of disabling injuries in that year.

Mining deaths in 2015 the lowest on record

Miners in Tennessee have extremely dangerous jobs, and the perils of this kind of work prompted the federal government to establish the Mine Safety and Health Administration in 1978. More than 200 mineworkers lost their lives in job-related accidents during the federal safety agency's first year of operation, but fatality numbers have been gradually falling ever since. The number of mining deaths fell to 45 in 2014, and the agency reports that the 2015 death toll of 28 mineworkers is the lowest ever recorded.

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