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Kinetic back brace could prevent workplace injuries

Goods from factories and farms pass through the hands of warehouse workers everyday, resulting in the repeated lifting and shifting around of boxes and other objects. Tennessee employees might be surprised that, according to 2013 figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these activities caused more than 100,000 injuries in workplaces across the country. This figure is what a startup company aims to change. It has created a back brace that pairs with a wristband to detect when wearers are lifting objects and which muscles they are using to do so. The wearable device provides users with real-time feedback on whether or not they performed the lift safely. The company co-founder says that it could improve workers' awareness of how they are lifting boxes and objects so that they suffer fewer injuries on the job.

Tennessee workers weigh the costs of dangerous jobs

Even though many employers might not face citations for OSHA violation, there are many jobs that carry a heightened risk of serious injury or death for employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,500 to 6,500 fatal accidents occur at work every year. In a recent article, using statistics collected by the BLS indicate that, one writer suggests that workers employed in hazardous jobs seldom make a considerably higher pay rate than many other workers.

OSHA investigation starts after feed supplement factory collapse

Tennessee work safety advocates may have heard that the body of a worker killed at a Nebraska manufacturing facility was recovered by authorities. The workplace accident, which killed two people and injured another 17, was being investigated by agents from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Investigators braved extremely cold temperatures and an unstable structure to determine what happened at the three-story International Nutrition plant in Omaha. The factory manufactures nutritional goods added to feed eaten by poultry and livestock.

New Tennessee law removes disputed worker comp cases from courts

Tennessee's governor recently signed into law a controversial new way of handling workers' compensation cases. Under the old law, courts handled disputed cases. However, a newly created state agency will now decide on the resolution of all these types of workplace injury cases. An administrator appointed by the governor will head the agency.

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