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Airbag recall expanded to include 34 million vehicles

Tennessee motorists may wish to visit a website provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find out if their vehicle is included in what safety experts say is the largest vehicle recall in history. The auto parts maker Takata had already recalled approximately 18 million vehicles because of defective airbags, but that number has since been doubled. Many of the vehicles involved were manufactured by Honda, but Takata also provided airbags to several other manufacturers for installation in vehicles produced between 2000 and 2011.

Aston Martin recalling 5,001 vehicles

Owners of some models of Aston Martin vehicles in the Eastern Tennessee area may soon be receiving notice from the company about the recently announced recall. According to the manufacturer, up to 5,001 vehicles may suffer from defects that necessitate review and repair at a dealership. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration emphasizes that issues might contribute to the incidence of car accidents. The problem may result in product liability lawsuits for Aston Martin if any injuries occur.

Laxatives cause side effects, deaths

Oral and rectum sodium phosphate laxatives have been linked to 54 cases of illnesses, including 13 deaths. On Jan. 8, 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the dangerous side effects related to these products and the need to follow instructions on the labels. A number of dangerous side effects, such as dehydration, dizziness, a decrease in urination and blood sugar level changes, are associated with these types of laxatives.

Dietary supplement may be dangerous

People who have taken the over the counter, weight loss capsule for athletes HYDRAVAX should be aware that the forty-five capsule bottles have been recalled because of the possibility that an ingredient, which is not listed on the label, was included. The ingredient in questions is a diuretic. It is illegal to sell diuretics over the counter because they are a prescription drugs. The FDA found the unlisted ingredient and notified the manufacturer, IQ Formulations. It is not known which states received these bottles of HYDRAVAX. East Tennessee, or even Hawkins, Tennessee, stores could contain the bottles. The item is also available online, and by mail order.

Government task force seeks to halt unregulated contact lenses

Tennessee residents may be interested in a new story about a government operation tasked with stopping illegal contact lenses from entering the country. These lenses have the potential to cause serious harm to those who wear them.

Victims of meningitis outbreak allowed to file lawsuits

People in Tennessee who were victims of a deadly outbreak of meningitis won the right to file product liability lawsuits against health care facilities and doctors after a U.S. bankruptcy judge declared New England Compounding Center insolvent. Approximately 65 healthcare facilities and doctors were customers of NECC. NECC made and shipped steroid that was reportedly tainted with fungus that caused a meningitis outbreak that injured or killed over 700 people across the nation.

Tune up: Bumble Bee Tuna recalls canned tuna

Whenever a person purchases food, whether it be from a grocery store, gas station, or restaurant, a relationship of trust is implicit between everyday customers and the businesses providing the products they pay for. Americans are fortunate enough to live in a society where, most of the time, the food we eat and the water we drink can be counted on for its safety, taste, and quality.

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