Experienced Representation In All Workers’ Compensation Matters

When you are injured at work and need to apply for workers’ compensation, the stress and financial problems may already be piling up. Medical bills and lost wages can often make it difficult to pay the mortgage, buy groceries and pay other bills.

Applying for workers’ compensation can help you keep your life on track while you recover from your injury. However, the process is often complicated, and your employer might make it tougher than it should be to get the compensation you need.

Serving Injured Workers In Eastern Tennessee

At the Stapleton Law Office, we make sure that the rights of injured workers are protected and that their claims to workers’ compensation are handled properly and efficiently. Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the fair and appropriate treatment that you deserve.

Our firm offers a free initial consultation, where you can meet with a lawyer and discuss your situation and your options for recovery. We believe that workers who are injured on the job do not need to face the difficulties of workers’ compensation alone. The Stapleton Law Office is on your side for workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability matters.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured At Work?

There are four steps you should take if you are injured while on the job:

  1. Report the injury immediately: This includes reporting the injury in writing to the employer as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after the injury. In Tennessee, you also complete a form called the “First Report of Work Injury.”
  2. Obtain medical treatment: Your employer must give you a choice of three physicians to choose from to get immediate medical care. You may choose any of the three physicians on the list for your treatment.
  3. Apply for temporary disability payments: If you cannot work for seven days or more due to a doctor’s orders, you may be eligible for payments of temporary disability. This comes before applying for workers’ compensation.
  4. Contact the Stapleton Law Office: Workers’ compensation law in Tennessee is very complex and needs an experienced attorney who understands workers’ compensation laws. It is important to contact an attorney right away to get the representation you need.

Get The Help And Assistance You Need Now

Many of our prospective clients in cases of workers’ compensation cannot afford to wait for a settlement: While their case is pending, it can still be difficult to put food on the table and pay the mortgage, let alone pay the medical bills that are constantly piling up.

At the Stapleton Law Office, we can get immediate medical care made available for our clients. In many cases, we can also get immediate monetary compensation to clients to support their families, buy groceries and afford other bills and payments that may come due. We can even arrange for transportation to and from their doctor’s visits.

In a workers’ compensation case, we can also help our clients get medical care made available for the rest of their lives. We can get compensation for future medical care related to the impairment or personal injury.

Contact Us For Immediate Workers’ Compensation Help

Let us help you get the compensation you need when you are injured at work. Schedule a free consultation with our Rogersville office by calling toll free 888-809-6135 or by sending our office an email.

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