Truck Accidents

We're In It For The Long Haul, Not A Short Trip

Any kind of car accident is dangerous and can leave victims seriously injured. The additional power of a semitruck can increase the potential damage in a tractor-trailer accident and result in severe injuries and even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, it is important to contact an experienced attorney right away to get the representation you deserve.

Trust Us To Represent You And Your Interests

At the Stapleton Law Office in Rogersville, Tennessee, we have worked with commercial drivers and the victims of truck accidents to get the resolutions they need and the recovery that they deserve. We have worked with trucking companies and insurance companies that try to get our clients to settle for much less than they are owed. Our firm will protect your rights and help you and your family get back on track.

We offer a free initial consultation in every case, so that we can discuss your situation and present you with your best options. Our firm will be honest about your chances for success and the likelihood of getting a good resolution in your case.

Be Prepared To Be Pressured To Settle

Immediately after being involved in a truck accident, you should consult with your lawyer. Trucking company representatives and insurance company agents will try to contact you and get you to negotiate directly with them, in order to mitigate your claim and lower your amount of compensation. These representatives are skilled at negotiation and accident investigation and will try to persuade you to accept unsatisfactory resolutions, or will use things that you say or sign against you in the future.

These representatives and agents are employed to save their companies money. Do not take any chances in your case. Contact the Stapleton Law Office right away and protect your rights.

Dangers Of Semitruck Accidents

There are plenty of reasons why a truck accident can occur and why it can be more devastating than an accident in a passenger vehicle. Trucks weigh much more and carry much more force than other motor vehicles, and can do extraordinary amounts of damage to passengers involved in accidents.

Accidents can occur for many reasons, including:

  • Negligence on the part of the truck driver or the trucking company
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driver is over his or her allowed hours of service
  • Failure to inspect tires, brake, lights and other parts of the engine
  • Driver fatigue or distraction
  • Illegal or unsecured loads

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