Tennessee officials address accidents in scenic stretch of road


Many people in Tennessee have driven on the Natchez Trace Parkway before, which is a scenic stretch of road where drivers and passengers can see sweeping views of hills in the middle of the state. This area of road is a particular draw for motorcyclists, in addition to those in passenger vehicles. But, despite the beauty that people can observe on this stretch of road, there is apparently a downside as well: a recent increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents.

According to a recent report, since August of last year there have been 10 fatalities in car accidents that have occurred on the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee. This is despite the fact that from the beginning of 2018 until August there were reportedly no such fatal accidents on this stretch of road. As a result of the recent uptick in accidents, Tennessee officials are taking action.

The reports indicate that the more rangers will be moved to patrol the area where the highest number of fatal accidents have been occurring in recent months. Consequently, more traffic tickets are being issued in this area. Officials are putting out reminders that this stretch of scenic road is not meant for drivers to travel at speeds they would on the interstate.

When motor vehicle accidents occur in Tennessee, the results can be devastating. If the victims are lucky enough to survive the incident, they may suffer catastrophic injuries that could take months, or even years, of medical treatment and physical therapy to overcome. If the accident was caused due to another driver’s negligence conduct — such as speeding in a tricky part of the roadway — a personal injury lawsuit could be an opinion to attempt to recover financial compensation.