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Requirements for truck drivers aim to prevent truck accidents

It is an unfortunate reality that, despite many advances in technology and nationwide efforts to raise awareness, each year hundreds of thousands of Americans die in motor vehicle accidents. The types of accidents that can be the deadliest are those that involve large trucks, such as semi-trucks. One effort to prevent these types of accidents is the imposition of regulations and requirements that truck drivers in Tennessee and nationwide are supposed to comply with.

For starters, the drivers of these large vehicles are required to obtain a specialized driver's license, commonly known as a "CDL," or commercial driver's license. Truck drivers go through special training in order to qualify for these types of driver's licenses.

There’s a higher chance for electric shock injuries in the spring

Many workers that operate in the construction and utility industries start getting more project once the spring arrives. Tennessee may not get as much snow as some other states, but local employees that primarily operate outside still get a lot of work in as the temperatures start rising and the ice melts off the streets.

However, spring comes with several hazards that could endanger these workers’ lives if precautions aren’t taken. Recently, a utility worker in Tennessee barely survived a brutal electric shock while replacing lines in a bucket truck. Electricity is one of the more common fatality causes for these types of industries, but spring comes with many seasonal conditions that make them more likely around this time of year.

Tennessee officials address accidents in scenic stretch of road

Many people in Tennessee have driven on the Natchez Trace Parkway before, which is a scenic stretch of road where drivers and passengers can see sweeping views of hills in the middle of the state. This area of road is a particular draw for motorcyclists, in addition to those in passenger vehicles. But, despite the beauty that people can observe on this stretch of road, there is apparently a downside as well: a recent increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents.

According to a recent report, since August of last year there have been 10 fatalities in car accidents that have occurred on the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee. This is despite the fact that from the beginning of 2018 until August there were reportedly no such fatal accidents on this stretch of road. As a result of the recent uptick in accidents, Tennessee officials are taking action.

What do you need to know about workers compensation?

When workers in Tennessee are injured on the job, they may feel like their world is turned upside down. Instead of being able to complete their daily routine, show up to work and get paid, they may be left with the aftermath of a serious injury that could need significant medical treatment and a period of recovery. So, what do these individuals need to know about workers' compensation in Tennessee?

Well, for starters, our readers should know that workers should not be afraid that they will be fired from their employment if they are injured on the job. Tennessee workers' compensation laws prohibit employers for firing employees in such instances. If, however, an employee is terminated from employment and believes that the termination was due to the on-the-job injury, such a situation may allow the employee to pursue legal options.

Taking a persuasive stance in a personal injury case

When many of our readers in Tennessee think of personal injury law, they likely think of lawsuits that are initiated after a car accident. But, while these types of lawsuits are indeed quite common, personal injury lawsuits can be based on a wide variety of incidents, including workplace accidents, accidents that occurred due to defective products and even accidents that occur based on dangerous property conditions. In fact, most so-called "accidents" are likely caused due to another party's negligent or reckless conduct.

In a personal injury lawsuit, a persuasive stance by the injured victim can help push the case toward a resolution. In most cases, that resolution is likely to be a settlement agreement. However, there will be some cases in which the facts are so hotly contested that the case will proceed all the way to a jury trial. In such cases, a persuasive stance is essential to putting the best case before the decision-makers.

When a truck accident case involves settlement negotiations

Our readers in Tennessee may not know that the vast majority of civil lawsuits, including personal injury lawsuits, do not proceed all the way to a trial in front of a judge or jury. In fact, most cases are resolved through out-of-court settlement negotiations and mediation.

If your case is solid enough, then the defendants -- which, in a truck accident case, might include the truck driver and his or her employer -- may start to consider from a business perspective whether or not it makes more sense to settle the case out of court. However, truck accident victims can expect truck companies to drive a hard bargain if they do want to negotiate.

Avoid these mistakes on an ATV

Riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can be an exhilarating experience and a great way to pass a Tennessee afternoon. Now that spring is near, you may be eyeing the one parked in your garage and counting down the days until it’s time to ride.

Too many riders do not have a grasp on the power of their machines, which can lead to collisions and serious injuries. Here are some common mistakes new riders need to avoid:

What dangerous driving behaviors could Tennessee motorists face?

Our readers in Tennessee have likely seen previous posts here that have discussed some of the dangerous behaviors that any given person could engage in while behind the wheel of a vehicle, such as distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These dangerous behaviors are oftentimes the focus of private and public awareness campaigns, as influential groups of people attempt to call attention to what drivers should really be focused on: operating their vehicle carefully.

Recently, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board published a list of changes in driving behaviors and vehicle safety measures that could make a substantial impact on the number of fatalities that occur each year throughout the country. Distracted and impaired driving were on the list, as was speeding and drowsy driving.

Pursuing compensation after a motor vehicle accident

It isn't a pleasant thought to realize that any time you get behind the wheel of your car you may be placing yourself and others in the car in danger. However, the unfortunate reality is that each year thousands of Americans are injured in car accidents, and Tennessee is not immune to this important public safety concern.

There are many different reasons for why a car accident may occur. These days, distracted driving is a big focus of public safety awareness campaigns, although it remains to be seen how distracted driving, in particular the use of cellphones while driving, will either increase or decrease in the coming years. But, one thing is certain: distracted driving is causing thousands of car accidents in America each year, resulting in many people suffering injuries or worse.

What are the basics of a personal injury lawsuit?

Many of our readers in Tennessee know that the classic "slip and fall" case could lead to a lawsuit. But, there are many more situations that could lead to litigation in civil court. Sadly enough, people are injured in our state every day, and not just in slip and fall incidents. Some people are injured in car accidents, while others might be injured due to medical malpractice or even a dog bite. So, what are the basics of a personal injury lawsuit that our readers in Tennessee need to know?

Well, for starters, there is the basic premise of any personal injury lawsuit: a person was injured in some way, and the injury was due to the conduct of another party, be it negligent, reckless or willful. So, for example, in the typical car accident case, if a person is rear-ended by another driver in traffic, establishing fault for the accident may be fairly easy. The driver who caused the car accident may have been distracted by a cellphone, under the influence of alcohol or simply failing to give the task of driving a car the appropriate level of attention. Such a driver could face a personal injury lawsuit for injuries suffered by the driver who was rear-ended.

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