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What dangerous driving behaviors could Tennessee motorists face?

Our readers in Tennessee have likely seen previous posts here that have discussed some of the dangerous behaviors that any given person could engage in while behind the wheel of a vehicle, such as distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These dangerous behaviors are oftentimes the focus of private and public awareness campaigns, as influential groups of people attempt to call attention to what drivers should really be focused on: operating their vehicle carefully.

Recently, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board published a list of changes in driving behaviors and vehicle safety measures that could make a substantial impact on the number of fatalities that occur each year throughout the country. Distracted and impaired driving were on the list, as was speeding and drowsy driving.

Pursuing compensation after a motor vehicle accident

It isn't a pleasant thought to realize that any time you get behind the wheel of your car you may be placing yourself and others in the car in danger. However, the unfortunate reality is that each year thousands of Americans are injured in car accidents, and Tennessee is not immune to this important public safety concern.

There are many different reasons for why a car accident may occur. These days, distracted driving is a big focus of public safety awareness campaigns, although it remains to be seen how distracted driving, in particular the use of cellphones while driving, will either increase or decrease in the coming years. But, one thing is certain: distracted driving is causing thousands of car accidents in America each year, resulting in many people suffering injuries or worse.

What are the basics of a personal injury lawsuit?

Many of our readers in Tennessee know that the classic "slip and fall" case could lead to a lawsuit. But, there are many more situations that could lead to litigation in civil court. Sadly enough, people are injured in our state every day, and not just in slip and fall incidents. Some people are injured in car accidents, while others might be injured due to medical malpractice or even a dog bite. So, what are the basics of a personal injury lawsuit that our readers in Tennessee need to know?

Well, for starters, there is the basic premise of any personal injury lawsuit: a person was injured in some way, and the injury was due to the conduct of another party, be it negligent, reckless or willful. So, for example, in the typical car accident case, if a person is rear-ended by another driver in traffic, establishing fault for the accident may be fairly easy. The driver who caused the car accident may have been distracted by a cellphone, under the influence of alcohol or simply failing to give the task of driving a car the appropriate level of attention. Such a driver could face a personal injury lawsuit for injuries suffered by the driver who was rear-ended.

One dead in fatal motor vehicle accident in Tennessee

The recent holiday season was a time to be extra cautious on the roads in Tennessee. Why? Well, it is a time of the year when there are likely to be more drivers on the road who have perhaps had one too may alcoholic beverages before driving. A recent collision in nearby Knox County is a tragic example of how horrible the results of a drunk driving accident can be.

According to reports, the collision in question involving two pickup trucks occurred at around 9pm on December 22. There weren't many details in the initial reports about how the collision between these vehicles occurred, but the reports do indicate that one driver, a 27-year-old male, was arrested after the law enforcement officials who were investigating the collision apparently believed that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Tragically, one of the passengers in the other truck that the drunk driver collided with died in the wreck. The victim was a 15-year-old girl.

Know your rights under workers' compensation law

No one goes to work thinking that they might be injured that day, but the reality is that many Tennessee residents do suffer on-the-job injuries each year. In those instances, the injured workers face difficult financial circumstances, as they may be unable to work for an extended period of time and, thus, are unable to earn an income. That is when workers' compensation may come into play.

Injured workers in Tennessee need to know their rights under workers' compensation law. For example, perhaps the most fundamental right of workers under workers' compensation law is the right to report the injury to the employer and not fear that, in doing so, the worker might face retaliation, such as termination of employment. The law prohibits employers from taking such action.

Dangers of drowsy driving

While it doesn’t get as much publicity as distracted driving, driving while you’re tired is a dangerous road hazard that causes multiple crashes and fatalities each year. It’s far too common and many ignore the warning signs, not realizing the severity of their actions.

Drowsy driving has serious consequences. According to the Tennessee Highway Safety Office, drowsy driving contributes to roughly 1.2 million crashes each year causing 5,000 to 8,000 fatalities - that’s twice as many as are caused by distracted driving.

Staying aggressive in the aftermath of a truck accident

Tennessee residents see large trucks on the roads and highways of our state all the time, but they probably don't think of the potential devastation that could be caused if such a vehicle is involved in a collision with a car or other passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, the fact is that truck accidents happen in America more frequently than anyone would like, which forces families in Tennessee to stay aggressive in their pursuit of a legal remedy in the aftermath of such an incident.

Staying aggressive can be crucial for an injured victim, because the trucking company and the insurance companies will definitely stay aggressive in the pursuit of their attempts to shift blame or offer low-ball settlement offers. The stance that a trucking or insurance company takes can even begin to make an injured victim think twice about considering the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit.

Law enforcement operation targets distracted drivers

Our readers in Tennessee who are familiar with previous posts here know that the danger of distracted driving is widespread throughout the state, and throughout the rest of the country as well. These days, most people seem to willingly put their own lives and the lives of others in danger simply so that they can send or read a text or email, or even look at the internet while driving. We have all seen these drivers on the roads by now, and we shake our heads at the reckless behavior.

However, some drivers may not realize that this type of distracted driving behavior can also lead to police action. A recent news article detailed a law enforcement operation in Tennessee that was aimed at pulling over distracted drivers for their reckless behavior. The event was called "Operation Incognito" and it was led by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Tragedies across the U.S. put focus on school bus accidents

Many of our readers in Tennessee have probably seen the recent reports about collisions at bus stops in a couple of states in the region - Indiana, Pennsylvania and Mississippi. In one of the collisions, three siblings died when a young woman driving a vehicle hit them while they were attempting to board their bus at their assigned bus stop. In that collision, the school bus stop sign was on and, since the young driver disregarded the sign, she has been arrested due to the deaths she caused. The recent collisions in Pennsylvania and Mississippi also involved the deaths of children at bus stops, and were equally tragic.

While fortunately these accidents did not occur in Tennessee, the fact that they occurred at all has begun to raise awareness about the issue of safety at bus stops. Many people are focusing on car accidents involving school buses as well, in light of a couple of recent incidents in which school buses were hit by other vehicles, injuring the students inside.

How can you prove negligence in a personal injury lawsuit?

Of all the legal terms that Tennessee residents will likely need to become familiar with in the course of preparing and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, there is perhaps no more important term than "negligence." This is the key term in most personal injury cases, which needs to be proven to be successful in court. So, how can you prove negligence in a personal injury lawsuit?

Well, for starters, the most important step is to understand the elements of "negligence," which typically forms the basis of a personal injury claim. First, there must have been a duty owed between the parties involved in the lawsuit - one to another. Second, that duty must have been breached in some way. For instance, in a car accident, perhaps one driver was distracted by a cellphone - not paying attention to the task of driving. To engage in such conduct is to breach the duty that driver owes to all other drivers on the road, which is to operate the vehicle safely.

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