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Taking the necessary steps in the aftermath of an accident

A motor vehicle accident can occur at any given moment and under a variety of circumstances. While you may seek to reduce the chances of a similar incident by strictly adhering to Tennessee state traffic laws, if you encounter a negligent driver, you may have little control over what happens next.

Regardless of the severity of the collision, the aftermath thereof can be a stressful and intimidating period. However, you may be able to alleviate a great deal of your post-collision stress by knowing the necessary steps to take following such an incident.

Speeding toward compensation after a speed-related accident

Car accidents happen for many reasons, but speed is one of most common reasons why people get hurt on Tennessee roads and highways. Most if not all drivers speed at some point, and while it may seem like a benign behavior, it is actually quite dangerous.

Speeding will not necessarily get a driver to his or her destination faster, but it will make it more likely that the person behind the wheel will cause an accident. If you suffered injury in a speed-related car crash, you have the right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering. Like other types of negligent and reckless drivers, speeding drivers can be held accountable for their actions.

Drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable

Like accidents involving a drowsy or distracted driver, those involving a drunk driver are entirely preventable. The moment that a person decides to get on Tennessee's roads after drinking, he or she shows a disregard for the safety of everyone unfortunate enough to share those roads. If you had the misfortune of coming across one of these drivers, and his or her vehicle collided with yours, you may have suffered serious injuries.

Understanding what alcohol does to a person could help explain why alcohol-related crashes happen even when a driver does not meet or surpass the legal blood alcohol concentration limit of .08. The following information could give you pause the next time you order that second or third drink while out with friends or family.

Eating while driving: Is it really that dangerous?

Most drivers are aware of the fact that distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Likewise, most people associate distracted driving with cellphone use while behind the wheel. This typically includes texting, talking on the phone, using a navigation system or even using social media.

Phones are one of the most common sources of distraction for Tennessee drivers, but that is not the only dangerous behavior that could threaten your life and the lives of others. Eating while driving, while seemingly a benign activity, can be incredibly dangerous and have devastating consequences for drivers, passengers, and others.

How many Tennessee car accidents are really accidental?

If you look at the causes of crashes in Tennessee and elsewhere, it becomes apparent that the primary cause is negligence in some form by one or more drivers. It is almost fair to list motor vehicles with negligent drivers as life-threatening safety hazards. The only difference between the five most common causes of automobile crashes is the circumstances under which they occurred.

Reduce the risks of winter driving with cellphone blocking apps

While the winter months in Tennessee bring festivities that help to dispel the gloom of shorter days and longer nights, often accompanying the cheer of the holidays are dangerous driving conditions. We may not be overwhelmed with the intense snow storms that hit the northern states annually, however, black ice and sleet can make our commutes a white-knuckle experience. Pair poor driving conditions with other distractions and you'll find that the months of December, January and February are not kind to drivers in Tennessee.

For these reasons, it's doubly important to reduce whatever risks that can limit a driver's focus and response time. If you have been reading articles and blogs on our website, you know that a major distraction for drivers is the cellphone. In an unfavorable review of our state's drivers, the National Safety Council reported that the state led the nation in cellphone-related car accidents. In spite of the fact that most drivers know texting and driving is dangerous, adults and teens admit to engaging in this activity.

Logging tops list of most dangerous jobs in the country

All workers in Tennessee face some risk, but the chances of being killed on the job are much higher in certain occupations than in others. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2014 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, logging is the most dangerous job in the United States. Some of the dangers that often lead to fatal logging accidents include rough terrain and falling branches.

The president of a California-based lumber company said that she was not surprised that the BLS data placed logging at number-one on the list of the most dangerous jobs in 2014. She said that outdoor jobs like logging, fishing and farming are usually based in rural areas far away from hospitals. When injured workers cannot receive medical help immediately, they are more at risk.

The insurance industry and autonomous cars

It is likely that self-driving cars will not be a common sight on Tennessee roads anytime soon, but when they finallyare, they will have an effect on the auto insurance industry as well. It is not clear how these cars will be insured, and in part, this is because the safety of the cars is not yet known.

The technology companies that are developing them tout their safety, yet algorithms are vulnerable to both software errors and hacking. Even if the cars are considerably safer than those driven by humans, accidents will likely still happen. Insurance companies may work alongside car companies to develop regulations around autonomous cars.

Preventing workplace injuries in Tennessee

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are an estimated 3 million workplace injuries per year. Of those, roughly 1 million are serious enough to cause workers to miss time from their jobs. Many Tennessee employees get hurt through overexertion while on the job. It can lead to back and other muscle strains, and it can be avoided by learning proper lifting techniques and asking for help when necessary.

Slips, trips and falls are another way that people get hurt while on the job. Common causes of slips and falls include slippery floors or obstacles in a walkway. Making sure that pathways are free from obstacles and using signs to indicate wet or slippery floors may prevent such injuries from occurring. Construction workers may also fall from heights if they aren't using the proper safety equipment or aren't using it correctly.

Numbers show that workplace safety still a large concern

Each year, some Tennessee workers are seriously injured or killed while at work. Workplace safety is a national concern. Despite advances that have been made with safety technology, injuries and deaths continue to happen at workplaces across the country.

According to the Department of Labor, 4,821 people were killed at work in 2014. Among workers who were age 55 and older, 1,691 died in workplace accidents in 2014. This was the highest number of fatalities ever recorded for this age group.

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