When A Closed-Head Injury Affects Your Life

A closed-head injury can have devastating effects on injury victims and their families for the remainder of their lives. The brain can be easily damaged, and people who have experienced a brain injury often have difficulty doing the things that once came easily, or even recognizing loved ones. Many have to relearn simple tasks. They fight memory loss, have trouble with motor coordination and may fall into a coma. They truly face an uphill battle.

At the Stapleton Law Office, we understand the challenges faced by people with brain injuries. We know that securing medical and rehabilitation care — and the financing to pay for it — is critical to your success.

We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome a closed- or open-head injury, so our law firm brings successful personal injury lawsuits in Tennessee and throughout the Southeast. Our clients include the victims of closed-head injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and skull fractures.

Even minor accidents can lead to serious brain injuries. If a car accident causes minimal damage to your vehicle, you should not assume that a headache, dizziness or other symptoms of a TBI are minor as well. There are many cases of people seeming to be fine right after hitting their head, but developing serious and even fatal complications.

Use Our Health Care Knowledge To Get The Right Amount Of Care

Our founding attorney, Mark Stapleton, has over 25 years of legal experience and a strong background in health-related issues, which helps him to better understand his clients’ legal issues when a brain injury is involved.

Our in-depth knowledge of medicine, medical care and rehabilitation techniques helps us accurately assess how much your future medical bills may be. This is especially important to know when bringing a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawsuit is the one chance you get to ask for the money you will need to pay these future medical bills. If you fail to ask for enough, you may wind up being unable to afford the care you need in the future.

Treatment for a brain injury is expensive. In addition to the cost of initial medical care in the hospital, your loved one may need extensive rehabilitation, which can cost thousands of dollars a day.

Are You Worried About The Cost Of Brain Injury Care?

If you worry about the cost of providing for your loved one’s future medical care, there is something you can do. Call an experienced lawyer to talk about filing a lawsuit. At the Stapleton Law Office in Rogersville, initial consultations are free and completely confidential. Contact us toll free at 888-809-6135 or by completing our online contact form.