Preventing winter-time workplace injuries


The winter months in Tennessee bring both a flood of shoppers as well as cold weather. The combination can lead to an increased risk of accidents in retail stores and distribution centers alike. There are steps business owners should take to minimize the risk of people injuring themselves while on their premises.

One risk comes from people tracking in snow and ice on their shoes, leading floors to become wet and slippery. Employers can help reduce the risk of slips and falls on slippery floors by installing grit-coated floor surfaces to provide better traction. They should also clean up wet areas and post signs to warn people of the risks.

Another issue may come with the parking lot itself. When it is covered with ice, business owners may want to make certain to salt it or put down sand to help prevent people from falling. In warehouses and distribution centers, pallets may be overloaded with stock bound for stores during the shopping season. Employers should take care to make certain these items are stacked in a manner that will help prevent them from toppling over on top of workers.

Keeping aware of the potential risks and taking steps to correct hazards can help business owners and employers reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident. People who are injured while working in stores due to slick floors or falling objects may want to meet with a workers’ compensation attorney who can explain the types of benefits to which they might be entitled. Legal assistance can also be helpful in the event that the claim is disputed or denied by the employer or its insurance carrier.