Tennessee ranks fairly well in workplace safety


Tennessee tops many other states, including many of its neighbors, when it comes to workplace safety, according to a WalletHub report.

The report ranked the states in overall safety, and in five safety categories: personal & residential, financial, road, workplace and emergency preparedness. While Tennessee was towards the bottom in overall safety, with a rank of No. 39, it was in top 15 for workplace safety.

Tennessee ranked 12th in the nation in workplace safety. Only two of Tennessee’s neighbors topped it in rank for this category: North Carolina (5th) and Virginia (6th).

Of the five safety categories, workplace safety was the one Tennessee ranked best in. Its ranks in the other four categories landed between 19th and 47th.

Now, of course, workplace safety in a state can vary quite a bit from industry to industry. What types of jobs do you feel are the safest here in Tennessee? What about the most dangerous?

While it is encouraging to see Tennessee ranking fairly well in workplace safety, it is important to remember that this does not mean that workplace accidents are not a significant issue in the state. There are still plenty of people in the state who suffer injuries on the job. Such injuries can have considerable impacts on their victims. Getting fair workers’ compensation can go a long way in helping workers deal with these impacts. So, workers’ comp issues can be a very important thing for workers here in Tennessee to address following getting hurt on the job.