What are some common ways truck drivers cause accidents?

There are a lot of winding roads in Tennessee’s rural areas, but there are plenty of city streets as well. What do all of these roads have in common? Heavy-haul trucks use them to deliver goods throughout the state and the country as a whole. While most of the drivers of these “big rigs” are well-trained and are good at their jobs, there are, unfortunately, some who, either through negligence or recklessness, place the lives of other drivers at risk.

So, what are some of the common ways that truck drivers cause accidents, be it on highways in rural areas or the downtown area of a city? Well, for starters, truck drivers who have not received the appropriate level of training to handle these huge vehicles present a danger not only to others, but also to themselves. If these drivers don’t know how to handle the vehicles, or at least they don’t know how to handle them in certain situations, the potential to cause devastating truck accidents becomes very real.

However, even the truck drivers who have been adequately trained may present a danger on the roads in Tennessee. These drivers may be under pressure to reach their destination quickly and, as a result, they do something that is quite common among all drivers: speed. But, the difference when a truck driver speeds in a big rig is that the potential to cause a truck accident that results in serious injuries or even death is heightened, just due to the sheer size of the vehicle involved.

Yet another common cause of truck accidents is something that plagues millions of drivers throughout the country: distracted driving. Cellphones are everywhere now, and the temptation to use the device even while driving is simply irresistible to some drivers, including truck drivers. Anyone who has been injured in a truck accident may have a claim for financial compensation if the fault lies with the truck driver.