Driver in fatal collision may have been intoxicated

Any number of factors can attribute to a simple drive with friends turning into a tragic accident. From texting behind the wheel to intoxication to sheer recklessness, there are multiple choices-all of them dangerous-that a motorist can make that greatly increase the risk of injury or death for both their own passengers and others on Tennessee’s roads.

Over the weekend one car accident, a serious two-vehicle collision that left one dead and two others injured, may have resulted from a Tennessee driver’s decision to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs.

The accident took place at the intersection of East Dumplin Valley Road and State Highway 92 in Jefferson County Saturday night. According to Highway Patrol accounts, the 26-year-old driver of a coupe attempted to pull onto the highway when it collided with an oncoming vehicle in the right lane.

The driver of the coupe, a Jefferson City woman, was killed as a result of the crash, and two passengers in her coupe were injured, one of them critically. The driver of the oncoming car was also hurt.

While the death of the coupe’s driver is tragic in its own right, it is also disheartening to learn that Tennessee Highway Patrol officers believe the woman may have been under the influence of drugs when she attempted the turn onto the highway.

Especially upon highways where cars and trucks are moving at high speeds, the repercussions of a driver’s drug use can be monumental, permanent, and sometimes even deadly. For all those who have been seriously injured or sustained damages as a result of an auto accident, contacting an attorney and exploring the options for financial recourse should be an immediate priority.

Source: WBIR, “Two vehicle crash kills one person in Jefferson County,” Feb. 10, 2013

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