$2 million lawsuit filed against 2 Tennessee men

Two Tennessee residents from the town of Townsend are facing a $2 million wrongful death lawsuit. A Pennsylvania woman filed the lawsuit in connection with the death of her husband, a Georgia man who was hit by a car on June 28, 2012 on State Highway 73. The man’s wife filed the suit against the driver and owner of the vehicle, who live in the same residence in Townsend, according to the complaint.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper stated that at the time of the fatal accident, the man was chasing after his dog and ran across the roadway. The driver was traveling westbound on State Highway 73 when he encountered the man in the roadway. He saw the man but was unable to stop in time and hit him. The victim was airlifted to the hospital, where he was listed in critical condition before he died early the next morning, about five hours after the crash.

The suit filed against the driver and owner of the car alleges that he failed to maintain proper lane of travel, use due care and control the vehicle adequately. In addition, the suit claims that the driver failed to keep a lookout under the circumstances. The deceased victim’s widow has requested a jury trial in the case. The suit is seeking damages for medical and funeral expenses and includes severe emotional and mental injuries that she suffered as the result of the loss of her husband.

There was no information as to whether the woman has a lawyer working with her on the lawsuit. The case may be complex because she and her husband each lived in different states and the accident occurred in a third state. In a case like this, a personal injury attorney with knowledge of multiple jurisdictions may be able to work with the case in a way that heeds relevant laws in order to possibly secure compensation for a deceased victim’s family.

Source: The Daily Times, “$2 million suit filed in death of Georgia man in Townsend”, June 25, 2013