GM recalls Chevrolet Aveo models

Tennessee motorists who drive Chevrolet Aveos may want to pay attention to details released in the latest General Motors recall. The subcompact cars included are those from model years 2004 through 2008. According to information by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicles pose a risk of catching fire.

A daytime running light component in the dashboard may overheat, leading to potential melting and fire. According to reports, the manufacturer is aware of fires that have been caused by this issue, but the number of recorded incidents has not been disclosed. A company spokesman indicates that there are no known deaths or injuries from the issue.

GM notes that it is working on plans to correct the problem, and representatives indicate than Aveo drivers can expect details to be provided as soon as possible. Approximately 218,000 cars are affected in this case. Meanwhile, the manufacturer is also dealing with a high level of recalls that preceded this situation. The day before the recall, GM’s 29th this year, a separate recall was announced involving 2.4 million automobiles in the United States.

A week earlier, GM agreed to pay a federal fine of $35 million based on a deadly issue with ignition switches in small cars. Trial lawyers place the number of deaths related to this issue at 53, although the manufacturer only acknowledges 13 deaths. Motorists driving any of the affected models should monitor postal mail for company communications with instructions for obtaining needed service.

An individual who has been injured due to defective products or faulty vehicle components may want to contact an attorney to discuss their options. If the company is found to be liable, victims may be entitled to compensation.

Source: NBC News, “Yet Another GM Recall; 200,000 Chevrolet Aveos Pose Fire Danger”, May 21, 2014