Additional 70 to 90 Million Takata Airbags May Be Recalled

Tennessee residents may have heard about the recall of 20 million airbags manufactured by Takata, a Japanese company. The airbags have a design defect that causes them to sometimes explode violently, sending projectiles into the bodies of car occupants. The airbags were initially recalled after more than 100 people were injured and 10 were killed.

U.S. lawmakers are now indicating that Takata hid evidence of the problems by manipulating data. Automakers have stated that the company used ammonium nitrate, a highly volatile chemical, in making the bags. They indicated that, as well as problems with moisture exposure and the design problems, have led to the dangerous nature of the airbags.

The inflators for the bags have significant problems, and lawmakers have uncovered documents showing the company may have known about the problem for 12 years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that the company may need to recall the additional airbags because of their use of ammonium-nitrate based inflators. The agency has also indicated that even the replacement inflators may not last as long as the vehicle in which they are installed does. Reportedly, those who were injured or killed had Takata inflators that were seven or more years old.

When people are seriously injured by defective products, they may want to file civil lawsuits against those responsible for placing them into the marketplace. In the case of Takata, it is likely that injured plaintiffs would be able to file a class-action lawsuit against the company. An attorney may review the facts of a case to determine all of the parties that should be named as defendants.