Preventing occupational skin diseases

Occupational skin disorders are among the most common health issues that workers in Tennessee and around the country will face. An average claim related to occupational skin disorders cost employers an average of $3,500. Average recovery time is 23.9 days, as has been reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Such disorders may occur gradually or suddenly, and they can be painful for those who suffer from them.

There are steps that employers can take to remedy an occupational skin disorder. Practical measures include substituting hazardous materials for those that won’t cause as much irritation when they make contact with the skin. Machines should be encapsulated to prevent materials from splashing and making contact with the skin. Protective equipment should also be offered to employees to keep materials off of their skin. Gloves and goggles are examples of objects that offer effective skin protection.

While regular hand washing can be effective against dry or flaky skin, it may not be enough. Employees may benefit from the use of hand cream that restores and protects the skin against damage. The use of protective equipment and hand cream may prevent serious conditions such as skin cancer or allergic dermatitis that may not curable. While employers are responsible for keeping workers protected, employees are urged to report symptoms as soon as possible as skin conditions may be manageable if caught early enough.

While workers’ compensation is usually associated with workplace injuries, benefits thereunder can be paid to workers who contract an occupational disease as well. An attorney who is experienced with these matters can often be of assistance in collecting the supporting medical documentation to support a worker’s claim.