Salmonella outbreak from Raw Meal products

Those who consume Raw Meal shakes and meal powders from Garden of Life should exercise caution as more items were added to the product recall list on Feb. 12. The supplement mixes seem to be linked to a Salmonella outbreak that may have come from the moringa leaf powder found in the Raw Meal products. People in Tennessee and other states reported contracting Salmonella Virchow.

People with Raw Meal products should avoid consuming Raw Meal items that were purchased on or after Nov. 1, 2015. Garden of Life reported that they use different suppliers for moringa, so only Raw Meal products are subject to recalls. A representative of the company said that they are taking this situation as an opportunity to review and improve their practices.

The exact number of people affected by this outbreak is unknown as many people do not seek treatment for Salmonella infections, but cases have cropped up in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Jersey, New Mexico and Utah. Symptoms of salmonellosis may start within 12-72 hours after exposure but could appear a whole week later. These symptoms include fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and some infections may require hospitalization while others do not and last 5-7 days. Infections can be life threatening in older individuals or those with weakened immune systems. In severe cases, antibiotics could be prescribed.

Those who buy products in stores believe that the items being sold are safe. When an unexpected issue with a product hurts someone, this person can seek compensation for injuries from the responsible party or parties. In products liability cases, more than one defendant may exist. This is because everyone who sells, distributes and makes the product may share responsibility. One might need to consult an attorney when seeking damages for a defective or dangerous product.