Car brakes require maintenance to keep the vehicle safe

While many Tennessee drivers believe that they are driving safely, the vehicles they are driving may not be safe, especially if they fail to care for or maintain their braking system. If drivers often drive in stop and go traffic, their braking system can potentially fail much faster than expected, resulting in a serious collision that could cause injuries or even deaths. There are signs that could indicate that the braking system needs to be attended to.

One of the major signs is that the brakes will squeal as the vehicle comes to a stop. This squeal occurs when there is less than a quarter inch of the brake pad left. In some cases, the indicator that causes the squeal could rust and fall off, meaning the driver will not be warned. If drivers find that it takes longer for their vehicles to stop, they should have their brake pads replaced. If the brake pads fail, the vehicle could crash.

The rotors may also eventually need to be replaced to increase the brake performance. Usually, the rotors can withstand two to three sets of brake pads before they need to be replaced. However, if the steering wheel wiggles as the driver tries to brake, there’s a good chance that the failing rotors need to be removed and replaced.

The failure of a driver to properly maintain his or her vehicle could be considered negligence if it was the cause of a car collision that resulted in injuries to a passenger in the car or an occupant of another vehicle. Those who have been injured as a result may want to discuss their options for seeking compensation with an attorney.