Why do people leave the scene?

Tennesseans have a deep sense of compassion for their neighbors, and when people need help, they can usually get it from their friends. Hit-and-run accidents, however, can force people to re-evaluate their innate neighborliness. A hit-and-run doesn’t have to be fatal to cause damage to people’s lives, but it can make people wonder why.

A recent accident in Nashville is that phenomenon in a nutshell. Police arrested three men last month in connection to an accident that killed a motorcyclist. They are facing several charges, including evidence tampering, leaving the scene of a fatal accident and driving without a license.

Reasons can be understandable

From the hit-and-run of a parked car to the accident above, if you look strictly at the question “why” there can be many answers. People under pressure make split-second decisions motivated by extreme states such as:

  • Embarrassment: An accident with a parked car causes damage, but also is embarrassing. A person may leave the scene without leaving a note just to avoid that embarrassment.
  • Intoxication: When drunk, people make bad decisions, like getting behind the wheel of a car. If they get into an accident, they may make a bad situation worse by running away.
  • Fear: As in the example at the start of this blog, having a criminal record can you afraid of any consequence. In that state, people never make the right decisions.

Reasons matter very little to the injured.

When you or your family are the victims of a hit-and-run, knowing what’s going through the head of the other driver is not much of a comfort. Your safety and getting back to living your life is your highest priority. With the right advice, it will be possible to make to do that, whether the police have a suspect or not.