The zombies made me do it: an unusual accident case

Zombie attacks may not be a common excuse offered to police in Tennessee, but after a multi-car accident in California, it was the excuse law enforcement received from the young man who caused the accident. The driver, who may have been operating a stolen big rig under the influence of some sort of hallucinogenic drug, told police that zombies were the cause of his collisions with other vehicles on a California freeway. The police didn’t buy his excuse, and the suspect is now facing multiple charges in connection with the truck accident.

The young man, who had hitched a ride with a professional truck driver who was transporting strawberries cross-country, apparently stole the truck after the driver exited the vehicle during an inspection. The 19-year-old drove the vehicle wildly in an attempt to shake off the zombies he later claimed were clinging to the vehicle. During these bizarre maneuvers, the suspect rammed into several vehicles, causing severe injury to some of their occupants.

Following the chain of accidents, the police took the hitchhiker to a local hospital. He was later charged with multiple counts surrounding the event.

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Source: CNN, “Cause of multiple collisions in California? Zombies, driver tells police,” Dorrine Mendoza, April 11, 2013