Tennessee funeral procession interrupted by collision

An automobile that had stopped for a recent funeral procession in Marion County was rear-ended by a truck. In a twist of irony, the funeral was reportedly being held for someone who died in a car accident.

The collision occurred when one car slowed down behind two motorcycles. The motorcycles had stopped for the funeral procession, which was in the opposite lane. The vehicle behind failed to stop and slammed into the car. 

An eyewitness who narrowly escaped injury in the incident told TV news station WRCBTV, “That had to be one of the scariest moments that I’ve ever had riding.” The law does not require traffic to come to a stop for funeral processions, but many drivers do so out of respect. The accident has opened the debate as to whether or not drivers should pull over for funeral processions.

In this case, the parties involved were very fortunate because there were no injuries reported. In one year, automobile accidents will injure more than 2 million U.S. drivers and passengers. No one can be adequately prepared for the medical expenses and lost wages that can result from an automobile accident. When there has been driver negligence, it is possible for injured parties to seek compensation. Reimbursement may help to pay medical bills and other expenses related to automobile accidents. In Tennessee, personal injury attorneys may help people decide whether or not to seek reimbursement for their losses. Residents of Tennessee who have been injured in car accidents may find it helpful to consult personal injury attorneys who may clarify their rights and options and recommend courses of action.

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