Dietary supplement may be dangerous


People who have taken the over the counter, weight loss capsule for athletes HYDRAVAX should be aware that the forty-five capsule bottles have been recalled because of the possibility that an ingredient, which is not listed on the label, was included. The ingredient in questions is a diuretic. It is illegal to sell diuretics over the counter because they are a prescription drugs. The FDA found the unlisted ingredient and notified the manufacturer, IQ Formulations. It is not known which states received these bottles of HYDRAVAX. East Tennessee, or even Hawkins, Tennessee, stores could contain the bottles. The item is also available online, and by mail order.

Using this product may be dangerous because the diuretic, if it is in the capsules, may induce an electrolyte imbalance in the body due to water loss. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, hyperactive deep tendon reflexes, weakness, fever, and or a flushed face. If one has ingested this over the counter product, and experienced any of these symptoms, they should seek immediate medical attention. Hypotension, or low blood pressure, is another possible side effect. A diuretic overdose could cause a potentially serious medical condition and could theoretically cause a consumer death.

As of this time no illnesses or complaints have been reported, however consumers should be aware that this over the counter dietary supplement is potentially dangerous, and contact their healthcare provider if they have experienced any symptoms or problems. The production of the product has stopped while IQ Formulations continues their investigation. Consumers who return the forty-five capsule bottles to the place of purchase will receive a full refund.

Product liability is a serious matter. If you believe a defective product has caused injury, or illness it is best to contact a local experienced personal injury attorney. Consumers with further questions about this recall should contact the FDA.

Source: FDA, “IQ Formulations Issues a Voluntary Recall of HYDRAVAX Dietary Supplement Due to Possible Undeclared Ingredient”, November 29, 2013