Tragedies across the U.S. put focus on school bus accidents


Many of our readers in Tennessee have probably seen the recent reports about collisions at bus stops in a couple of states in the region – Indiana, Pennsylvania and Mississippi. In one of the collisions, three siblings died when a young woman driving a vehicle hit them while they were attempting to board their bus at their assigned bus stop. In that collision, the school bus stop sign was on and, since the young driver disregarded the sign, she has been arrested due to the deaths she caused. The recent collisions in Pennsylvania and Mississippi also involved the deaths of children at bus stops, and were equally tragic.

While fortunately these accidents did not occur in Tennessee, the fact that they occurred at all has begun to raise awareness about the issue of safety at bus stops. Many people are focusing on car accidents involving school buses as well, in light of a couple of recent incidents in which school buses were hit by other vehicles, injuring the students inside.

These types of senseless tragedies often leave people shaking their heads and wondering how such an incident could occur in the first place. No doubt there will be some reaction, with many parents and families losing young children who were just going about their day.

When Tennessee residents are injured in school bus collisions or at a school bus stop, they will likely have legal options to pursue. Negligent and reckless driving behavior causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year on our nation’s roads. As America pulls together to mourn with the families who have lost children in these recent accidents, it is important that the ones responsible for these losses are held accountable.