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September 2013 Archives

Honda recalls 405,400 Odysseys and Acura MDXs

Tennessee drivers who own Honda Odysseys or Acura MDXs might be concerned to hear that Honda issued a recall on the two models. The model years that are affected by the recall are years 2003 and 2004 for the Odyssey minivans and year 2003 for the Acura MDXs. Approximately 342,000 Odysseys and 63,400 Acura MDXs were recalled. Of those recalled vehicles, approximately 318,683 Odysseys and 55,935 Acura MDXs were located in the United States.

Dangers of driving while drowsy

Tennessee residents seem to lead busier lives than ever, which sometimes mean they don't get enough sleep. Federal and private groups alike have found that driving while drowsy increases the risk of accidents and is similar in effects to drinking and driving. One study reported that, in 2011, about 2 percent of deadly crashes involved tired drivers. However, experts believe that the study greatly underestimates those numbers as it can be difficult to tell when a driver is tired.

Stolen police car crashes into SUV in Fayetteville

A woman in East Tennessee stole a police cruiser on Aug. 31 and caused a collision that killed one person and injured five others, according to police. Reports say that the woman, 49 years old, pulled onto Maple Street and collided with the side of a passing SUV. The crash left one passenger dead with at least two others in critical condition. One of those injured was a teenager.

Beer throwing results in tractor accident

Two men from Jonesborough, Tennessee, face charges arising out of an incident allegedly caused by thrown beer. A tractor driver, involved in contract mowing, wrecked the vehicle after a man threw a beer at his tractor. According to law enforcement officials, the two men involved in throwing beer at the tractor face multiple charges. One of the throwers was charged with reckless endangerment, while the other was charged with public intoxication and assault.

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