1.2 million vehicles affected by recall

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Chrysler is going to be recalling more than 1 million Ram pickup trucks for steering issues caused by problems in their front ends. The trucks are being recalled because the tie-rod ends that affect the steering system might have been improperly installed due to technicians misinterpreting the instructions. Three recalls were issued on Nov. 8 affecting approximately 1.2 million Ram pickup trucks from model years 2003 to 2012, but Chrysler anticipates that only about 453,000 of them will actually need repairs.

According to Chrysler, six crashes and two injuries have been reported involving one of the models that are affected by the recall, and one crash with no injury was reported with another of the affected models. Chrysler says that the defective products could be out of alignment, which could cause the steering systems in the trucks to fail.

The company said that it has since updated the instructions and the parts so that technicians shouldn’t be making the same mistakes. Customers with vehicles that need inspections are supposed to be notified in December, and work on the vehicles is supposed to begin in January. Most of the trucks affected by the recalls were distributed in the U.S., more than 950,000, while others were distributed in Canada, Mexico and other countries.

Those who have gotten into accidents in the Ram pickup trucks that were affected by the recall might be able to seek compensation from the automaker for any medical expenses or vehicle repair costs. Legal aid might be needed in order to properly file the necessary paperwork for such a claim.

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