Tennessee not among recall states for Hyundai vehicles

| Dec 4, 2013 | Firm News, Products Liability

Tennessee is not among the states listed in a recent recall by the Hyundai car company. The company issued the orders after they were made aware of a control arm that could turn their vehicles into defective products. The company released a statement saying that the control arm has a tendency to rust under certain conditions. The rust can cause cracks in the arm and disrupt the ability for the driver to control the steering wheel.

The regional recall is common practice for car companies in order to repair vehicles that are at the highest risk. In this case, the Entourage is at greatest risk in states that are labeled as cold. Elements that appear to pose the highest threat include the salt used to clear roads of snow and water. Hyundai says that they have not received any complaints of accidents or deaths in connection with the problem.

The type of repair done on the vehicles will include either replacement or rust-proofing. The decision as to which repair takes place depends on whether the part already shows signs of rusting. If there is no rust showing on the control arm, it is likely to be treated in order to prevent rust in the future. The company has not said whether it will address concerns of people who own the vehicles and don’t live in the list of covered states.

There are possible options for people who are not in the covered states if they have problems with the recalled vehicle. The first thing those vehicle owners could do is contact the company to request that their vehicle be covered under the recall. If the company refuses to comply with the request and an accident occurs as a result, the vehicle owner might be able to bring a civil suit against the manufacturer in order to gain financial compensation.

Source: Auto World News, “Hyundai Recall: 15500 2007-’08 Entourage Minivans Called Back in U.S.”, Matt Mercuro, November 29, 2013

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