Tennessee college student struck, killed by dump truck

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According to police, a wheelchair-bound university student was killed after he was hit by a dump truck. The fatal accident occurred around 8:55 a.m. on Jan. 24 in the intersection of Middle Tennessee Boulevard and Greenland Drive near Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro. Paramedics transported the man to a local hospital, where he later died.

The dump truck was apparently making a right turn onto Greenland Drive from Middle Tennessee Boulevard. The man was crossing Greenland Drive when the accident took place, police said. The Murfreesboro Police Department Fatal Accident Crash Team is investigating. Following the accident, a supervisor with the company that owns the dump truck arrived at the scene.

When an accident results in either severe injuries or fatalities, police investigators may perform a reconstruction as part of the probe. The process includes photographing the scene, marking and collecting evidence and interviewing eyewitnesses. Once the investigation is complete, investigators may create an animated reconstruction of accident events. The goal of the process is to determine what events led up to the collision and determine which driver or drivers might have been at fault.

In accidents involving commercial vehicles such as delivery or construction trucks, the company that owns the truck and the at-fault driver may be held liable in an accident. A Tennessee personal injury attorney may review the case, including the police accident reconstruction report, in order to determine whether the family of a deceased person might be entitled to compensation and who the responsible parties might be. In some cases, it might be possible for the attorney to negotiate a settlement out of court. However, contested cases may be resolved through litigation in civil court.

Source: The Lebanon Democrat & Wilson County News, “MTSU student killed in dump truck wreck”, Christopher Merchant , January 25, 2014

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