Tennessee man killed after fatal collision with cement mixer

| May 2, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Tennessee drivers may be interested in the story of a man who was killed when he pulled in front of a much larger vehicle. According to police at the time of the report, no charges were being filed in the incident.

On April 21 around 4:50 p.m., a cement mixer, driven by a Blountville man, was traveling on Highway 75. As the truck neared the Gray Fossil Site near Sam Jenkins Road, authorities say that a red pickup truck entered the roadway in front of it. The pickup was driven by a 49-year-old Bluff City man. After the pickup pulled in front of the cement truck, the two vehicles collided.

The driver of the pickup was killed in the crash. His 20-year-old passenger suffered injuries that were reportedly not life-threatening and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Investigators say that all parties involved were wearing seat belts. A Washington County Sheriff says that the cement truck most likely weighed around 60,000 pounds including its concrete cargo. The road was closed for a time after the crash while authorities investigated the scene.

When a driver who may have been acting negligently while operating their vehicle causes a car accident, they may be liable for any damages caused. This is true even when there are no separate criminal charges filed. A lawsuit in civil court could lead to recovery of medical expenses, pain and suffering and other compensation. An attorney may be able to help by analyzing the evidence gathered in the police accident investigation and filing a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Source: WCYB, “UPDATE: Names released in fatal crash in Gray”, April 21, 2014

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