2 killed, 2 injured in 6-vehicle crash

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A six-vehicle accident on a Tennessee interstate has claimed the lives of two people. The chain-reaction vehicle collision on May 2 also sent two others to the hospital and caused a substantial traffic jam that backed up the road for miles.

The wreck happened outside Knoxville on Interstate 40 East, in the area where I-75 and I-81 join the road. Police say a tractor-trailer ran into the rear of a car, and the force of the impact sent that car into an SUV. This truck accident apparently led to a second multi-vehicle collision where another truck ran into a Dodge Charger, knocking it into a side wall. The Dodge then sideswiped another tractor-trailer.

The authorities transported four people to the University of Tennessee hospital. Two people, both occupants of the first car that was rear-ended by a semi, were killed in the accident. The driver of the truck that hit them had to be taken to medical facilities to be treated for emotional distress, and a person involved in the second crash also needed to go to the hospital for their injuries. Parts of the interstate were closed as officials completed their investigation and cleaning process.

The family of the two occupants who were killed in the first crash with the semi could file wrongful death claims against the driver or the trucking company for compensation of funeral expenses and loss of financial support. In a case where multiple vehicles were involved, a lawyer may look over police reports to determine if one or more drivers were at-fault in the wreck.

Source: WBIR, “Police ID 2 victims killed in 6-vehicle crash on I-40”, June 02, 2014

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