Experiencing post-traumatic stress after an auto collision

| Jan 22, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Major car accidents happen every day in Tennessee and across the U.S., and many people suffer from severe injuries as a result. One type of injury that often goes unnoticed is the emotional trauma that some people experience after an accident. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a very real condition that can occur after a car collision and wreak havoc in many areas of people’s lives.

It is normal for people to experience heightened anxiety during the days and weeks following a collision, and typically, the strong emotions fade with time. However, when the anxiety is persistent for weeks and months or starts getting worse, a person may be suffering from PTSD. The disorder can become debilitating and keep people from functioning normally in their daily lives, interfering with personal relationships, work and other areas.

Some signs that an individual may be struggling with PTSD after a car accident include difficulty controlling strong emotions, an irrational fear of traveling in vehicles, sleep disturbances and uncontrolled, persistent thoughts and memories about the accident. An individual that appears to be suffering from PTSD after an auto collision may benefit from seeking help from a doctor or therapist.

Car accident victims may be concerned about seeking compensation for medical payments and property damage. Often, the long-term suffering endured by individuals who are trying to cope with PTSD is neglected, but it is a real condition that can be considered when filing a liability suit. People who struggle with emotional trauma may suffer real losses in their lives, and a personal injury lawyer can often include PTSD as a factor in a case so that the victim may be able to receive compensation for those damages.

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