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August 2015 Archives

Technology might make Tennessee drivers safer

Vehicle manufacturers are moving to include features that make Tennessee roads safer from drivers who might succumb to fatigue. Automakers and other companies have tested a range of devices, including cars that track body activity and driving behavior or trigger alarms to prevent drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. Some commercial transportation companies are following suit by equipping their operators with such technology, but according to researchers, the dire consequences associated with falling asleep behind the wheel mean it's better to simply avoid driving when tired.

OSHA revises its National Emphasis Program on amputations

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a directive updating its National Emphasis Program on amputations. The directive tells employers in Tennessee and across the nation what policies and procedures to enact in order to reduce workplace hazards that commonly cause amputation injuries.

Worker deaths prompt response from MSHA

Tennessee employees may be interested in learning more about a series of incidents that compelled the Mine Safety and Health Administration to enhance their enforcement efforts. On Aug. 4, multiple employees were killed by unrelated workplace accidents that occurred in South Dakota, Nevada and Northern Virginia. According to the MSHA's assistant secretary of labor, during the past month, there have been five deaths in the nonmetal and metal industries. There hadn't been three miner deaths in the same day from this sector since 2002.

Reducing risks faced by lone workers

Tennessee employees who work alone may face more risks than those who work with others. A basic safety precaution is to have one worker watch out for danger while the other works, but this is not possible for lone workers. Employers should take extra care when their employees are required to be in this type of a situation due to the nature of their job.

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