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March 2016 Archives

Car brakes require maintenance to keep the vehicle safe

While many Tennessee drivers believe that they are driving safely, the vehicles they are driving may not be safe, especially if they fail to care for or maintain their braking system. If drivers often drive in stop and go traffic, their braking system can potentially fail much faster than expected, resulting in a serious collision that could cause injuries or even deaths. There are signs that could indicate that the braking system needs to be attended to.

Staying safe while operating cranes

While there are no state or federal safety standards as it relates to operating a crane, most operators on major construction projects in Tennessee and around the country receive formal training. Commonly, larger employers will ask that a crane operator has been certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. However, it is possible that smaller operators do not have the same level of training, which could result in unsafe actions.

Google cars may not prevent accidents

Tennessee motorists may have heard that for the first time, a Google self-driving car was in a crash that it caused. Other Google automated vehicles have been in accidents before, but they were all the fault of other drivers. The accident took place in Mountain View, California, where Google has its headquarters, and involved a city bus. However, no one was injured.

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