Beer throwing results in tractor accident

| Sep 4, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Two men from Jonesborough, Tennessee, face charges arising out of an incident allegedly caused by thrown beer. A tractor driver, involved in contract mowing, wrecked the vehicle after a man threw a beer at his tractor. According to law enforcement officials, the two men involved in throwing beer at the tractor face multiple charges. One of the throwers was charged with reckless endangerment, while the other was charged with public intoxication and assault.

The contract worker who was operating the tractor is from Cleveland, Tennessee. He reported that as he topped a hill, a blue pickup truck headed directly for his tractor. The tractor driver lost control of the vehicle when attempting to stop. The tractor ended up tilting and rolling to one side. At that point, one of the men threw a beer at the tractor. No physical injuries were reported as a result of the accident.

Law enforcement officials were notified. Law enforcement located the suspects near the scene of the accident and took both men into custody. No information on whether the men are still in custody was available.

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Source: Times Free Press, “2 arrested after Tennessee crash because of thrown beer”, August 28, 2013

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