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Tennessee officials address accidents in scenic stretch of road

Many people in Tennessee have driven on the Natchez Trace Parkway before, which is a scenic stretch of road where drivers and passengers can see sweeping views of hills in the middle of the state. This area of road is a particular draw for motorcyclists, in addition to those in passenger vehicles. But, despite the beauty that people can observe on this stretch of road, there is apparently a downside as well: a recent increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents.

What dangerous driving behaviors could Tennessee motorists face?

Our readers in Tennessee have likely seen previous posts here that have discussed some of the dangerous behaviors that any given person could engage in while behind the wheel of a vehicle, such as distracted driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These dangerous behaviors are oftentimes the focus of private and public awareness campaigns, as influential groups of people attempt to call attention to what drivers should really be focused on: operating their vehicle carefully.

Pursuing compensation after a motor vehicle accident

It isn't a pleasant thought to realize that any time you get behind the wheel of your car you may be placing yourself and others in the car in danger. However, the unfortunate reality is that each year thousands of Americans are injured in car accidents, and Tennessee is not immune to this important public safety concern.

One dead in fatal motor vehicle accident in Tennessee

The recent holiday season was a time to be extra cautious on the roads in Tennessee. Why? Well, it is a time of the year when there are likely to be more drivers on the road who have perhaps had one too may alcoholic beverages before driving. A recent collision in nearby Knox County is a tragic example of how horrible the results of a drunk driving accident can be.

Law enforcement operation targets distracted drivers

Our readers in Tennessee who are familiar with previous posts here know that the danger of distracted driving is widespread throughout the state, and throughout the rest of the country as well. These days, most people seem to willingly put their own lives and the lives of others in danger simply so that they can send or read a text or email, or even look at the internet while driving. We have all seen these drivers on the roads by now, and we shake our heads at the reckless behavior.

Tragedies across the U.S. put focus on school bus accidents

Many of our readers in Tennessee have probably seen the recent reports about collisions at bus stops in a couple of states in the region - Indiana, Pennsylvania and Mississippi. In one of the collisions, three siblings died when a young woman driving a vehicle hit them while they were attempting to board their bus at their assigned bus stop. In that collision, the school bus stop sign was on and, since the young driver disregarded the sign, she has been arrested due to the deaths she caused. The recent collisions in Pennsylvania and Mississippi also involved the deaths of children at bus stops, and were equally tragic.

The widespread danger of distracted driving

By now most people in America, including our readers in Tennessee, are well-aware of the danger that distracted drivers present to all others on the road. Public and private awareness campaigns have informed the public for years now about this danger but, unfortunately, distracted drivers are, perhaps, more common now than ever before. The primary reason: smartphones.

How do teen drivers learn distracted driving habits?

Many of our readers in Tennessee have probably seen news stories about how teenage drivers on the roads today are presenting more of a danger to other drivers than older drivers do. This is nothing new, as it only makes sense that younger, less experienced drivers would be more prone to causing car accidents. However, today's teenage drivers are likely more distracted than young drivers of years past because of one, simple reason: smartphones.

Taking the necessary steps in the aftermath of an accident

A motor vehicle accident can occur at any given moment and under a variety of circumstances. While you may seek to reduce the chances of a similar incident by strictly adhering to Tennessee state traffic laws, if you encounter a negligent driver, you may have little control over what happens next.

Speeding toward compensation after a speed-related accident

Car accidents happen for many reasons, but speed is one of most common reasons why people get hurt on Tennessee roads and highways. Most if not all drivers speed at some point, and while it may seem like a benign behavior, it is actually quite dangerous.

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